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Always had an interest in various crafts, stumbled across digitalscrapbooking by chance, and love it!  I have my own style in scrapbooking, and currently I am in the creative teams for Algera Designs, Angelique's Scraps; Bee Creation, Desclics; Didine Design; Josy Créations; Kamilla Design, Laitha's Designs, Lavender Designs, Louise L; S.Designs; Wisteria Moments; Yours & Mine Designs!x

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Sunday, 22 May 2016

Hi Everyone, occasionally in life we have to break the rules and because of my excitement I want to share this with you. Pixels & Art Design are having an Artful Pixels Team contest and I want to share this with you as I'd love for you to come on over and take part in this contest. There are so many amazing layout artist in this group that I don't want you to miss out of this fabulous opportunity.

I'll be your host for the contest so come on over and see what's what and hopefully you'll sign up and take part as well.

You'll need to register in the forum but as you all know that's not hard and only takes a couple of minutes.

To make it easier for you here's the link to the forum.


Let the fun begin.

ps. Offically the signups don't start until 24th May but I want you to all have the opportunity to get in early. There is no limit on the number that can enter, more the merrier 

Friday, 20 May 2016

It is with sadness that we post this frown emoticon 
Angelique's Scraps will stop designing at the beginning of June. 
She is having a "Goodbye Sale" with 60% OFF all the products in her stores until the end of May. 
She thanks you all for your support and for buying her products over the years she has been designing. 

Butterfly Brushes by AudrajScraps
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Pixels & Art Design
Butterfly Brushes by AudrajScraps 
Available @ 

**NEW** Template Pack 23 by Idapassion
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Photo pixabay

Delicate Wings
Using the new kit 'Ingrid's Touch' by Foxeysquirrel

Ingrid's Touch 
Using the new kit 'Ingrid's Touch' by Foxeysquirrel