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Photographer's Assistant
Tabitha & Watercolor Brush by Foxeysquirrel 

Painted View
Colorful and a few other bits from kits by Foxeysquirrel 


Wrinkly and Twisted lace by Foxeysquirrel

The Observer

Wrinkly and some other elements all by Foxeysquirrel

Created using Backdrop Vol 3; Elvina; Caspian; Asteria and April Showers Overlay all by Foxeysquirrel 

Olivia's Dragon

Olivia by Foxeysquirrel

The Courtship
created using Corroded & Picturesque by Foxeysquirrel
Available @


Created using Corroded by Foxeysquirrel 

Flying Fish
Created using Lady Zhen, Gone Fishing , Awake by Foxeysquirrel

Proving his love
Lovey Dovey by Foxeysquirrel

Wooden Angel 

Created using Enchanted Woods by Foxeysquirrel

Cupid's Dart by Foxeysquirrel 
Available @


Created using Everly Revamp by Foxeysquirrel

Arrows of the heart 

Created using Everly and Calling on Angels by Foxeysquirrel 

Hearts and Roses 

Created using Everly by Foxeysquirrel

Created using Everly Revamp by Foxeysquirrel

The Waterhole
Created Using Everly Revamp by Foxeysquirrel

Love Triangle 

Created using: The New Grunge People 2, Fancy Words, Grubby Vol 2 Backgrounds, and Raven all by Foxeysquirrel 

Available here


Savannah's Timepiece by Foxeysquirrel

Lady Luck 

Lady luck by Foxeysquirrel

using the NEW Light Breeze Backgrounds, Frost and Shiver by Foxeysquirrel

Electric Dreams

Using the NEW Light Breeze Backgrounds and Lockable Butterflies by Foxeysquirrel

Just A Puppet
Created using Shiver, Awake, among others by Foxeysquirrel

Grow Into Your Dreams 
Created using Shiver by Foxeysquirrel


Using the NEW kit - Coldish and Stitch In Time Vol 2 by Foxeysquirrel 

Chillin' Out

Used - Boys Will Be Boys Vol 1 by Foxeysquirrel

Forest by Foxeysquirrel

Hitching A Ride
Using Frost, Hot Off The Press Overlays and the New Swirly Vol 1 by Foxeysquirrel


Enchanted Christmas and Hot Off The Press Overlays by Foxeysquirrel 

image own

Santa Claus is coming...

The Night before Christmas Backgrounds by Foxeysquirrel

Jolly Holidays

Using Enchanted Christmas and her NEW - Hot Off The Press Overlays by Foxeysquirrel 

Ice Swan 

Using Hot off the press overlay by Foxeysquirrel 

Swan from Enchanted Christmas by Foxeysquirrel

Background - my own

Image own stock

Using - Enchanted Christmas by Foxeysquirrel 

Seasons Greetings

Using Enchanted Christmas & Blizzard by Foxeysquirrel 

The Chosen One 
Using Madonna and Child and Let It Snow by Foxeysquirrel 

Mixed Bed

Using hooked, billa's touch, Ingrids touch, all by Foxeysquirrel 


Using Cerella by Foxeysquirrel

background montage my own added.


Using the fabulous NEW kit Celella by Foxeysquirrel 

Using Rusty Backgrounds; Lilavati by Foxeysquirrel 
(tipee's own stash)

Irish Maid

Ireland by Foxeysquirrel 

Victoriana by Foxeysquirrel 

Winter Treat 

Castellum by Foxeysquirrel 


Using Castellum by Foxeysquirrel

Frosty Dreams 

Using Frost by Foxeysquirrel 

The Damsel's Wings

Using Damsel, Archiac, Awake & Fog by Foxeysquirrel

Peculiar Gathering

Using Peculiar & Awake by Foxeysquirrel

Date Night

Using Damsel, Archiac & Fog by Foxeysquirrel 

Blind Love
Strange Behaviour by Foxeysquirrel

My Evil Curse
using Curse; Raven and Raven's Nevermore by Foxeysquirrel 

Pond Dancer 

Using Billa's Touch by Foxeysquirrel

(Water effects my own)

The Visit

Using Raven's Nevermore and Raven by Foxeysquirrel 

Lazy Day

Using Billa's Touch by Foxeysquirrel 

Always Watchin' Over You

Using Reflected Thoughts by Foxeysquirrel 

Using Botanicals, Butterfly Effects and Designer Backgrounds by Foxeysquirrel 

The Letter

Using the new Butterfly Expression and Vintage Documents by Foxeysquirrel 

(other materials all from her other kits) 

Available @ 

Using the new Scandalous and Air Pockete By Foxeysquirrel 

and elements from other kits

NEW - Raven by Foxeysquirrel

Available @ 

Forest Music Gathering

Using Materials from Forest, Orangade, Innocent, Secrecy, Angelico,Everly, and Royal Assent all by Foxeysquirrel

Frost Angel

Used the new kit Frost by Foxeysquirrel 

(with a few brushes of my own) 

After Dusk
Using an array of materials all by Foxeysquirrel

Look for me in rainbows

Used Striking Skies and Spiritual by Foxeysquirrel

(rainbow from own stash)

Wrong Turn

Using the new Botanicals, Vintage Charm, and Enchanted Woods by Foxeysquirrel


Using Elegance, Euphrosyne, Grubby, Splatter Over and the NEW Mask Building by Foxeysquirrel 

All available @

Enchanted Woods Collab by Foxeysquirrel & MagicReality Designs 

Available @


(created using both parts)

Image Pixabay

Summer awakening 

Using Pale Backgrounds, Messy Gal, Duck Tails and Bloom Vol 1 7 2 all by Foxeysquirrel 

Enchanted Woods by MagicReality Designs

(This is part of a collab between Foxeysquirrel & MagicReality Designs) 


Enchanted Woods by Foxeysquirrel

(This is part of a collab between Foxeysquirrel & MagicReality Designs) 



used Striking Skies, Painted People, Block Letters and Edgy all by the wonderful Foxeysquirrel 


Designer Backgrounds by Foxeysquirrel

Forest Break 
Used the fabulous New products Forest Masks & Structure by Foxeysquirrel 

Summer Safari Addon by Foxeysquirrel 

an addition to the store collaboration marking it's 12th year

Delectable View

Using Delectable, Paint the Town, Wrinkly all by Foxeysquirrel

Fantastic new product by Foxeysquirrel "Isobelle" 

A Kiss from heaven by Foxeysquirrel

100% of the Sales of these gorgeous backgrounds are going to Ovarian Cancer

ATC trading cards, Ocean Overlay and Other elements from various kits by Foxeysquirrel. 

His Love of Birds
Nightfall Background, Innocent, Strange Bird by Foxeysquirrel
Available @

Summer Splash Backgrounds and Flower Essence by Foxeyqsquirrel 

Available @ 

Olivia by Foxeysquirrel
Available @

Endless Love

used Lacemaker, Heads will Roll, Withered and Messy Dragonfly all by Foxeysquirrel

Available @

NEW "Innocent" by Foxeysquirrel
Spend $10 in store and you can have this kit free


Withered, Dots, Ingrid's Touch all new by Foxeysquirrel

(Topaz filter applied)

Delicate Wings
Using the new kit 'Ingrid's Touch' by Foxeysquirrel

Ingrid's Touch 
Using the new kit 'Ingrid's Touch' by Foxeysquirrel

Two fabulous new products - Abstract backgrounds & Feathers 2 by Foxeysquirrel along with materials from her other kits used to make this piece.

Dawn Birds
Mix of Foxeysquirrel's materials used

Misty Summer Morn
Used Linen, and the new Fog Overlays by Foxeysquirrel 
and a few materials from her other kits

A Daughter's Love
Created with a mixture of kits by Foxeysquirrel with a few added extras from own stock. Hope you like the outcome.

Starry Starry Night 

Peopled and Starry Night by FoxeySquirrel

background Striking Skies

all available @ 

Aquatic Dream 

using an array of goodies from Foxeysquirrel

Aqua backgrounds, linen, gesso and lace, and her new April Showers. 

all available @ 

April Showers

April Showers, Sludgy Vol 4 (coming soon)and a few other niceties all by Foxeysquirrel

Away with the fairies
Using Cracked Chalk by Foxeysquirrel
Available @


Using Cracked Chalk by Foxeysquirrel

Available @


Orangeade by Foxeysquirrel

Steamy encounter
Using Steampunked by Foxeysquirrel
(Note - Background is my own)

On The Edge Of Hell

Using an array of elements from:-

Dirty Paper, Victorian, Calling on Angels, Euphrosyne, Where There's Smoke There's Fire, Edgy Overlay and Upon Your Request all by Foxeysquirrel. 

Day Outing

Using Tatters 2 by Foxeysquirrel along with some other elements of hers from various kits

Color galore
Using Kaleidoscope, Awake and Edgy Overlay by Foxeysquirrel
Available @ 

Awaken to Color

Using Kaleidoscope and Awake by Foxeysquirrel
Available @ 

Pigsie's Creek
Using the new kit 'Awake' and Edgy Overlay both by Foxeysquirrel
Available @


using a variety of different materials from foxeysquirrel's products. 

Turn Away
Using The New - Striking Skies by Foxeysquirrel 
Available @

Her One True Love
Using Lovey Dovey by Foxeysquirrel 
available @

Love Of Rover
Using Lovey Dovey by Foxeysquirrel 

Key To Her Heart 
Using Lovey Dovey by Foxeysquirrel

Jungle Ride
Using Black & White Textures, Scratch Textures, Watercolor and Postal Pets all new by Foxeysquirrel
Available @

Bird Brain

Using the new soon to be released kit 'Agriculture' by Foxeysquirrel

Available @

The Ol' Shepherd 

Using the new soon to be released kit 'Agriculture' by Foxeysquirrel

Available @

Lady Scarlet
Using Tatters Vol1 & Watercolor Backgrounds, and a few other bits from various kits all by FoxeySquirrel 

Owl Be With You
Sludgy, Geometric, Faded Memories, Castellum, and a load of backgrounds blended all by Foxeysquirrel
Available @

Mingle Woods
Using a mix of kits by Foxeysquirrel

Celebration by Foxeysquirrel
Available @

Christmas Wishes

Using Enchanted Christmas, Typed, Modern Splatters 1 & 2 all by Foxeysquirrel

Available @

Enchanted Christmas and Calling on Angels by Foxeysquirrel

Pear Tree

Swan Dance

Secrecy by Foxeysquirrel
Available @

Highland Angel

His Minds World

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